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The Institute of Chemical Process Engineering at KIT investigates, teaches and develops new processes to chemically transform substances. In doing so, we focus primarily on chemical reaction engineering. We also develop and use models and CFD simulations so that we better understand how the reaction takes place. Based on this knowledge, we can design reactor internals and catalyst supports in a targeted manner and intensify material conversion processes.




Martin Kutscherauer graduates summa cum laude

With his outstanding doctoral thesis on "Particle-resolved CFD simulation of catalytic fixed bed reactors for maleic anhydride production", Martin Kutscherauer has completed his doctorate at Clausthal University of Technology. The CVT would like to congratulate him on this excellent achievement.
(f.l.t.r. Gerhard Mestl (Clariant), Martin Kutscherauer, Thomas Turek (TU Clausthal), Gregor Wehinger)

Particle-resolved computational fluid dynamics;PRCFD;Conjugated heat and mass transfer;Heterogeneous catalysis;Catalytic fixed-bed;Inter- and intra-particle transport
New publication in the journal Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics

As part of his doctorate, Martin Kutscherauer published a new method for coupling CFD with reaction and transport in porous catalysts. The method enables the simulation of catalytic fixed bed reactors independent of effective transport parameters and is perfectly suited for detailed analysis and improvement of catalyst design. More via this link.

New publication in Int. J. Heat and Mass Transfer

 The paradigm of the fixed bed is broken: RFID tags enable non-invasive temperature measurements in fixed bed reactors without disturbing the bed structure! Link to the paper: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2023.125091